4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Unless you play softball or other sports at Dred Scott Fields or live or work in the West Bloomington area, you probably don’t know about this small neighborhood restaurant.

I love finding small, neighborhood type restaurants, located in strip malls and kicking out cheap, good burgers.  Zeke’s place does just that.  I know everybody says, “it was just what I expected”.  Well, I’ll say, “it was exactly what I wanted”.  Two thin patties, good enough, juicy enough, with tons of American cheese.  I added a couple strips of bacon that they cooked perfectly for me.  I also added fried onions as I always try to do.  Give me a few pickle slices to throw on and keep the bun simple and lightly toasted.

You’re not going to get any fancy aioli’s or anything like that.  Maybe throw on some ketchup or mayo.  I’m a happy burger guy!  You will be too.

These places appreciate your business.  I’m going to give Zeke’s Place mine.

French Fries – Good.  Batter fried style.