3.5 out of 5.0 stars

Have you ever looked at a menu and saw over 50 different burgers on it?  Which one do you pick?  You don’t want to regret picking the wrong one.  I got your back!  The best burger to pick at Wyatt’s Twisted Americana is “The Wyatt”.

How do I know?  OK, truth is I asked a couple of people.  But, this is a good burger.  Let me tell you about it.

Wyatt’s Twisted Americana – Eagan / The Wyatt

They put their burgers in categories like Classic, Smoked, Craft, Twisted, etc.. The Wyatt is in the Fusions category, combining two or more good things to make one great thing, or something like that.

The big standout is the caramelized chipotle onion and beer cheese sauce poured over the smokey bacon and cheddar infused fresh ground beef.  You get that?

The cheese sauce is delicious!  The diced chipotle onions are soft and really good as well.  You also get a fresh slice of lettuce, raw onion and tomato, with pickles as well.

The beef is mixed with bacon and cheddar cheese and was cooked to my medium liking. 

The bun was lightly toasted and good.  No issues.

Wyatt’s Twisted Americana is definitely worth a stop.  Check it out!

French Fries – Good

Deep Fried Pickle Spears – Very good!

Minnesconsin Tots – Good

Frito Bandito Pie – Good