4.5 out of 5.0 stars

One thing I’ve loved on my Burger Journey is meeting people and following them on their own food journeys. I’ve got a full circle story for you.

I met @jeffreywrogers at one of our Twin Cities Burger Nights at Monello, back in 2018. He made us some killer drinks that night. Fast forward a little bit, it was cool to see him open up @wrecktanglepizzamn with his brother Alex and his girlfriend Breanna. He made a killer pizza for me on my first visit. Fast forward again to last week and my visit with @burgeraweek to Wrecktangle Pizza’s third location in the LynLake neighborhood. Our visit wasn’t about Jeff’s delicious Detroit style pizza, it was about his Burger. Yes, I did say Burger. Even though Jeff was out of town during our visit, a killer burger was made for us.

The Burger comes in a single 5oz. patty. It’s fine as a single, but why not jack this beauty up to 10oz.? Do it. There are two kickers in this burger. One, bacon fat is mixed into the ground beef. It certainly adds to the juiciness factor. It’s also seasoned nicely. Two, you’ll be experiencing a little kick of heat and ask yourself, what is that? It’s their jalapeño honey relish. It’s delicious, but don’t be afraid of the heat, just enjoy the tingle. Slices of American and provolone cheese are melted on each patty and you get a flavorful roasted garlic aioli swiped on the top and the bottom of the soft, perfectly toasted, potato roll.

I’m definitely going back when Jeff is there and I’ll ask him to make me a killer drink, a killer pizza and his killer burger. That will complete the burger related circle I have with Jeff. My journey has always been about the burgers, but it’s also been about the great people I meet along the way. I think you’ll love this burger!