4.0 out of 5.0 stars

We are back for another Parking Lot Party!  Ok.  Not exactly.  @phatphood, @shawnsrodgers and myself ARE in a Parking Lot for another Twin Cities Burger Night and we are in our cars and practicing social distancing while we enjoy some killer food from Chef Jordan @saltedroots1 at Wooden Hill Brewing.

We had a great time at our #TCBurgerNight here, a little over a year ago.

The food was awesome!  Well, their latest BOM Burger, which was brought back by popular demand, has flavors coming at you from everywhere.

It starts with a quarter pound, angus short rib, ribeye, beef blend patty.

It’s seasoned well, has a nice char and had some juiciness to it.  I would like the option to crank that up to a double patty.  White cheddar is a great choice, beautifully melted.  Some thin sliced prosciutto adds flavor and saltiness to the mix.  You get some sliced red onions and mixed greens on top.

You want some more flavors?  You got it.  Delicious basil mayo is spread on the bottom bun and a little sweeter apricot jam is spread on as well.

Again, a lot of flavors to wrap your tongue around.  The brioche bun is a little on the firm side, but ok.  Definitely a well thought out burger.

Stop out for a burger, a hot dog and some beer.  They have a lot more on the menu to choose from as well.

Fries- Fantastic!  Get some seasoned sour cream with them.

Sweet & Spicy Pickles – Fantastic!  Pick up a 16oz. container.

@olivedoesthecity, we missed you as our guest this time!  Make sure to check out Shawn & Phat’s takes on things as well.

I ordered online with a credit card and was able to pick a time.  I received a text when my order was ready, went inside and picked it up.  Easy.  Check the website for hours.