4.5 out of 5.0 stars

The brewery/taproom craze is alive and well.  What’s been happening lately is the importance and effort that’s been going into the food side of it.  I think this, year old brewery, just might get to be known for their great food as much as their great beer.

Tonight, I hit the taproom with @shawnsrodgers @phatphood & our special guest, @olivedoesthecity for this weeks #TCBN.  Brewery owners and brew-masters, Sean & James Ewen, hit the jackpot when they brought in Chef Jordan Roots, @saltedroots1 to raise the food menu to new heights.  Chef Jordan was a finalist on the tv show, MasterChef, but there’s nothing you can’t pronounce on the menu, just straight forward, elevated, kick ass pub food.  I’ll touch on that later, as I’m here for the burger.  I must admit, sometimes I get a little distracted when I can add beef and bacon to my burgers.  I went with triple patties of their 1/4 pound, short rib/ribeye angus beef.  The beef is super juicy, seasoned nicely, has a good char and even had some pink in it.  Chef likes the flavor of sharp cheddar cheese, but unlike a lot of places, he actually melts it nicely, which, not melting it enough, is one of my dislikes in using cheddar cheese.  Applewood bacon, and lots of it, covered each patty.  Under the patties are some fantastic housemade pickles and they sit in a delicious garlic aioli, which is spread on the bottom bun.

The bun is on the firmer side, and can handle anything thrown at it.  I suggest staying with the double cheeseburger as the triple might just be a little too much beef for most of us.  This is a very good burger!

Make sure you check out their “Burgers of the Moment” (BOM). They roll out new ones whenever they want to.  What else can I say?  Great beer and Great burgers?  Totally works for me!

Thank you Chef Jordan for hanging out with us for a while and bringing out your kick-ass food!  It was a lot of fun!

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