4.5 out of 5.0 stars

We all know the saying, “fit for a King”. What about a Burger fit for a King, or maybe a Queen? I’ve got one that satisfies royalty!

@wiseacreeatery raises grass-fed Scottish Highland beef for their Burger. This happens to be the same beef that the Queen and the English Royal Family raise at Balmoral Castle. Impressed? There is a lot to be impressed with at this true, off the farm, to your plate, restaurant.

Here’s the concept. Raise livestock and produce, on your family farm in Plato, MN, open a restaurant and have that farm supply between 75% – 95% of your ingredients. Farmer Dean has made that concept a reality. There are so many delicious farm fresh dishes to choose from. I’m thinking we start with the Burger. I mentioned earlier, the grass-fed Scottish Highland beef, which is regarded as leaner and lower in cholesterol is raised on their farm. The 6 oz. patty was cooked to a medium temp, was pretty juicy and was seasoned well enough to pass my beef test. Continuing with the farm fresh ingredients, aged cheddar is plentiful and melted well, which is not always the case with cheddar on a burger. Two thick slices of delicious Wise Acre bacon top the cheese. Below the patty are greens sitting in a pool of fantastic dijonaise that is swiped on the bottom bun. You also get a few thin sliced pickles on the side. Do not sleep on these pickles. They are so good. I ate a couple and put the rest on my burger. Finally, the bun from @turtlebreadmn is soft, airy, nicely toasted and very good. I’ve seen some pictures where the dijonaise was swiped on the top bun. I would like it to be swiped on both buns. 😉

This burger is more on the smaller side, so no sharing. Give Wise Acre Eatery a visit. I think you’ll love it!

Our host/server, Michelle, knew the menu very well and talked very passionately about it. Thank you, Farmer Dean, for having me in.

Fries – Fantastic! The caper aioli is money!
WAE Bacon- Delicious!
Mushroom – This Sharable dish is Fantastic!