4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I love the vibe and the décor at the Willy McCoys in Bloomington.  A Huge Bar, Rustic wood booths, garage type doors that open up so you can enjoy the summer weather.  A cool place.  A cool burger! 

The beef patty has a nice flavored Irish Whiskey Glaze on it.  They cooked it beautifully medium.  It was pretty juicy.  You will definitely know about the very distinct, very good Stout Beer Cheese sauce after your first bite.  It’s unique and it’s really good!

Blue Cheese crumbles top the patty.  They do not overpower the overall flavor of the burger at all.  I’m not a huge fan of onion straws on my burger, but their onion tangles soaking up that Stout beer cheese sauce added a little something to them.  I took a few off to eat them separately and they were good.  The pretzel bun was super soft, very lightly toasted and just good.

I really liked the overall flavor and texture of this burger!  I will go back and try this one or another one.  Unless your last name is Hatfield, I’d recommend stopping in for a spell.

Fries – Good.  Seasoned Sour Cream, really good.

Pickle Fries – Very good!  Chipotle Ranch dipping sauce was very good.