5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Life Changing is not a word I use lightly.  I’ve said it once on my Burger Journey.  It was the very first time I experienced The Perfect Burger at Victory 44, a few years ago.  That burger inspired me to start my

Twin Cities Burger Blog, www.tcburgerblog.com.  It truly was “The Perfect Burger”.  I was saddened by the news that Victory 44 had closed and that I would never have a chance to hold The Perfect Burger in my hands one last time.  But I think you know how the saying goes.  Never Say Never!

Chef Eric Harcey, has brought it back and it’s “Perfect” once again!  The beef, a Pat LaFrieda blend of short rib, brisket, chuck and butter is flavorful, juicy, and perfectly seasoned.  You can order it in the 5oz. single patty or kick it up to a double.  Each patty is blanketed perfectly with American cheese.  Bacon is cooked perfectly, just the way I like it, and you get it on top of each patty.  A tasty Dijon aioli (Dijonnaise) gets swiped on the Perfect, lightly toasted bun from the Salty Tart.  If you remember the original Perfect Burger, you remember the pickles.  Lots of delicious pickles covered the bottom bun below the patty.  This time, Chef Harcey tops everything with a bunch of his Grandmother’s recipe, Ice Box pickles.  They are Perfect!


Chef Harcey and co-owner Grant Johnson have a beautiful restaurant adjoined to the Leader department store, which happens to be 100 years old.  If you’ve noticed all of my “Perfect” references in this review, it means you’ve actually read it and hopefully received my intended message.  I hope you’ve all had a great day.  My day was “Perfect”!  I know it’s “cliche” to say, but all is right in the world again.  The planets have aligned.  The Perfect Burger has reclaimed the throne.


Being an hour from the Twin Cities, you may be thinking it’s just too far.  I would say you couldn’t be more wrong.  Don’t let a few miles keep you from Burger Nirvana!


Thick Glazed Bacon – Incredible!  Melt in your mouth.  Must have!

Breakfast Potato – Good!