4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I remember my first and only visit to @youvebeensouled two years ago.  I had heard about a deep fried burger that was very special.  It certainly was.  Since then, they’ve moved to a new location and have had some national notoriety.  I’ve been wanting to visit again, and so have @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers.  When that happens, a #tcburgernight is usually the result.

We were fortunate to be here on a very special night.  WHOS is being featured on an episode of #foodparadise on @cookingchannel and it aired last night.  Wendy was super excited.

The SOULROLLs are fantastic, and I couldn’t wait to try a couple different ones, but I’m here for a burger, and the burger is called the Mogul Burger.  Take what you know about making a burger and turn it upside down.  Throw it out the window!

Two quarter pound patties are specially seasoned and then baked.  Yes, I said baked.  American, pepper jack, and provolone cheeses along with Wendy’s special cheese are loaded up in every corner of this creation.  There is so much cheese inside, you’ll have cheesy fries from it all dripping down over your fries as you devour this beauty.  A few large cut onions and green peppers are placed in between the patties, along with, you guessed it, cheese.

This burger is wrapped in a gluten friendly wrap.  If this worries you, rest easily.  The wrap gets a swipe of cheese, then a couple slices of turkey bacon are placed on top, then the rest of everything I described above, is put on top and the wrap is closed up and deep fried perfectly.  I’m amazed at the crunch of the wrap and how much cheese came at me.  I will call this burger a “crunchy, meaty cheese bomb.” It’s a fantastic burger!  I’m going to say you have never had a burger quite like this anywhere else.  This is a very unique, delicious burger experience.

It was so fantastic to meet and spend time talking with Chef Wendy.  She has a lot of stories to tell.  Pam, their social media manager, and CFO, Heather, also spent some time with us.  Three amazing women.

You’ll feel the love!