4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I thought a lot about where my last burger in Minnesota would be since we made the decision to move to Florida a few months ago. I wanted it to be a burger that I loved and a place I loved supporting. There were many that met that criteria, but there was a place that just made it feel right.

I vividly remember the first time I had the Mogul Burger. I had heard about this deep fried burger in a gluten free wrap, but had not really seen any reviews. I had many questions. When I grabbed it, the cheese gushed out everywhere. The peppers and onions had a wonderful crunch to them. The wrap had a great crunch as well.

I had one of the the biggest smiles on my face that I’ve ever had biting into a burger. I was blown away. The second visit I loved it as well and got to meet and chat with Chef Wendy a little bit during our #TCBurgerNight. She loves what she does and cares about what she does and loves the community that she lives and works in.

The Mogul Burger hasn’t changed a bit. It’s so unique and I still wonder what is really in my hand when I hold it. The amount of cheese is crazy wonderful. The beef patties are well seasoned. The onions and peppers and turkey bacon have a nice crunch to them. The wrap that holds all of this flavor goodness is super crunchy and fantastic. It really is an amazing burger creation.

If you haven’t experienced the Mogul Burger yet, now is a great time. Wendy’s House of Soul is in a new location, inside North Market. Order up a couple SOUL ROLLS as well.

One cool piece of information I didn’t realize until I visited @youvebeensouled at the new location, is that it is just down the street from the old Victory 44 location. I started my Minnesota Burger Journey at Victory 44 and now I’ve ended it SO close to where it started. I really have come full circle.

This wonderful journey has come to an end. I’ll see you on the next one in Florida. I know a lot of Minnesotans vacation up and down the Gulf side as well as the Atlantic side. I’ll hit as many burger places as soon as I can. I’m looking forward to it!