5.0 out of 5.0 stars

If you are familiar with the great burgers around the Twin Cities, you can also pick up on who the gifted players are who create these burgers.  Chef Eli Renn, @eli_renn is one of these players!  @phatphood was lucky enough to get a good look at this burger a couple of weeks ago and tell us about it.  What he told us was a #TCBurgerNight was needed.  @shawnsrodgers & I certainly couldn’t say no.

I think you know what happens when you have great beef, great cheese and a great bun.  A great burger happens!  The Butter Burger is proof of that.  This double patty, is a super juicy blend of brisket, chuck eye and butter.  It is seasoned nicely, has great flavor and a super char.  This burger is modeled after the Oklahoma onion burger.  Chef takes red onions and shaves them super thin.  They are placed over the ball of beef and then that is smashed down on the grill.  It’s flipped once and the onions will cook into the beef on the hot grill.

American cheese is perfectly melted over each patty and becomes one with the beef.  The Mainstreet Bakery bun is soft, lightly toasted and very good.  You get a few pickles on the side to add some vinegar flavor to the burger if you like.  I liked.

This is a fantastic burger that deserves to be in your Top 10.  I’m thinking it will make its way into mine.  Check out my website (link in bio) to find out where.  The butter burger is available during happy hour, weekdays from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.  You can get it in a single or a double.  Double it up!  I suggest you free up an afternoon and head West to The Muni!

Thank you Chef Eli, for the invite.  Our server, Jax, totally rocks the house.


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