4.0 out of 5.0 stars

The much anticipated opening of Wahlburgers at the Mall of America came without too much fanfare.  Yet!  The Wahlberg brothers, Mark, Donnie and Paul will be at the Mall of America the night of May 31st.  I’m thinking there may be a few more screaming fans in attendance.

When you are talking 3 oz. patties, you talk Triple!  Triple the beef, Triple the government cheese, as they call it.  This blend of brisket, short rib & chuck is cooked to order.  It hit my desired temperature.  The beef was juicy, seasoned well and had some good flavor.  I subbed caramelized onions in for raw as I am want to do on most my burgers.  Under the patties were chopped lettuce, a few pickles and a thick slice of tomato.  All sitting in their housemade signature wahl sauce on top of the bottom bun.  The sauce has a good flavor.  I did ask for extra sauce and it seemed to be coming from everywhere on the burger.  Good call!  The bun did its job, was soft and lightly toasted.

I enjoyed The Triple Decker very much and will certainly come back.  There is a lot to do at the Mall of America…. Like stopping in for a really good burger at Wahlburgers!  I did like this burger.

I got in line just before they opened and was ordering just a few minutes later.  I did get the first ever “The Triple Decker” at the Mall of America location.  Yes!

Crispy Yukon French Fries – Good.