4.0 out of 5.0 stars

My intentions during the quarantine have been to not only support businesses/restaurants in my area, but to cover as much ground as I possibly can around the Twin Cities.  I’ve done the best I could.  I’m back in the south metro this stop.

Vivo focuses on scratch made food from local farms.  My last visit, I enjoyed their Vivo Burger, but I spotted a new burger unveiled about a month ago.  I’m always up for new burger launches.  As you can imagine, the House Double has two 3.5 oz. angus beef patties.  They are cooked in a char-broiled style.  You can select pink or no pink.  I selected pink, but my patties fell a little short of that.  No worries, they did have some juiciness to them.  The seasoning fell a little short as well.  I would have liked it seasoned a little more liberally.  It was ok.  Provolone is their choice of cheese and it was melted nicely on both patties.  I didn’t find the caramelized onions right away, but when I separated the patties, there they were.  I would have liked a few more as they were tasty.

Below the patties is some fresh chopped lettuce and a slice of tomato.  On top are a few of their delicious pickles and some of their fantastic special sauce.  Get a couple sides of this special sauce!  Drizzle some more on your burger if you like or you may want to dip the potato wedges in it.  Finally, the bun.  When I see a house-made bun, I get a little worried.  I’ve run across a few that totally buzz kill the burger experience.  They are often too heavy, too firm or just too much bun.  Chef Sarah’s house-made bakery bun is fantastic!  It’s soft, lightly toasted and completes this burger.  It’s a good burger.

Now, this burger did seem a little familiar to me, but it’s a new burger, right?  Or is it?  Putting my detective cap back on and looking at my first review, I discovered the Vivo Burger had all of the same ingredients/toppings as the House Double, except it was a single patty compared to the smaller double patties.  Is that a new burger?  You can decide.  Whatever your decision, it’s worth a stop.

Chocolate Cheesecake – Very good!