4.5 out of 5.0 stars

A lot of places have Build Your Own Burger (BYOB) options on their menus, but what if you’d like to Build Your Own Lucy (BYOL)?  Village Pub has a special night for people who want to do just that.

Of course there are places that offer different styles of Juicy Lucys, but I want to pick the add-ons of my Juicy Lucy.  Village Pub let’s me do that on Wednesdays.  To keep things a littler simpler during these difficult times, they do limit the type of cheese inside to American cheese.  That’s what I would choose anyway.  There are a variety of cheeses you can add on top of the patty.  I like to add a slice of American cheese on top as well.  Can you have enough cheese?

The rest of my additions were grilled onions, bacon jam and special sauce.  I love grilled onions and these were very good.  A little smaller cut and nicely grilled with a little bit of char on some of them.  I chose the bacon jam because I think the smaller chopped bacon pieces work better on a Juicy Lucy.  Biting through slices of bacon can cause pressure before you cut through it and that could cause the cheese to get squeezed out faster than you want it to.  The bacon jam was sweet and delicious.  I love sauces/aioli/mayos on my burgers, so give me some on my Lucy!  Their special sauce is fantastic.  Get a couple sides of it too, in case you want more and also for the fries.

I got some sliced dill pickles on the side so I could add them exactly where I wanted to.  To be honest, I was so excited to bite into this baby, that I forgot to add the pickles until after the pictures and after a few bites.  The potato bun from Hilltop Hearth is a beauty.  It has such a soft feel to it and it’s toasted perfectly.  It held up beautifully.  I love this bun.

I almost forgot about the beef.  We all know a lot of Juicy Lucy’s are cooked longer so the cheese can fully melt and the inside can get a little more well done.  My beef had some pink and was not over cooked at all.  It had a nice char on both sides and was rock solid in not losing any cheese before I bit into it.

This was one of the best Juicy Lucy’s I’ve ever had.  I’ll call it an elevated Lucy or a gourmet Lucy.  I enjoyed the heck out of it.  There was SO much cheese inside!

Mark your next Wednesday as Build Your Own Lucy Night.  Try my exact add-ons.  I think you’ll love it!