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I’ve put out a few Top 10 lists over the years, and actually, my up to the minute Top 10 list is always available, front and center, on my website, but I’ve decided to take it a step further and do what few others have attempted to do.

Please remember that this list is what I think are the 25 Best Burgers in the Twin Cities metro area that I have experienced.  It’s incredibly hard to assign a number to a burger.  So many burgers are just as good as other burgers and could possibly be swapped depending on the day, but I have chosen to put a number to them.  A burger you love may not be as high as you think it should be.  A burger you love may not be on this list.  That is ok, because we all have our own tastes and favorites.  We are all right.  Think of yourself being seated at a table and someone is bringing you burgers one by one.  You don’t know where they came from or who made them.  This is how I tried to make my decisions.  It starts with meat, cheese (if there is cheese) and bun.  The quality/flavor of the beef, the seasoning, the juiciness.  The taste and meltiness of the cheese.  How soft the bun is.  Is it over toasted?  Add-ons to the burger like bacon, onions, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, etc..  Condiments can factor in, aiolis, mayos, etc..  Hopefully this gives you a little insight into my thinking.  This is an elite group.  There is not a big gap between 1 and 25.  Let me know what your favorites are and your thoughts on my list.  Be Nice! :-)  What’s better than a burger conversation!  I have had ALL of these burgers in 2020.


Here we go!


1)  Constantine/Monello – The Dirty Double

2)  Parlour – Parlour Burger

3)  Martina – Double Cheeseburger

4)  Revival – Revival Burger

5)  Lake & Irving – Luxe Burger

6)  Estelle – Pig Mac

7)  St. Genevieve – StG Double Smashburger

8)  Petite Leon – Le Petite Cheeseburger

9)  Burger Dive – House Burger

10) Burger Joint at LynLake Brewery – The Original

11) Stewart’s – Double Cheeseburger

12) Park Tavern – Butcher Steak Burger

13) Lowry Hill Meats – LHM Burger

14) Feller – The Feller

15) Lyn 65 – Lyn 65 Cheeseburger

16) Birch’s on the Lake – Birch’s Burger

17) Bull’s Horn – Double Bull’s Burger

18) Saint Dinette – Cheeseburger

19) DeGidio’s – DeGidio Burger

20) Pig Ate My Pizza – Burger (Double Patty)

21) Restoration Hardware – RH Burger

22) Nolo’s – The Cheeseburger

23) Kyndred Hearth – SKOL Burger

24) I Nonni – I Nonni Burger

25) Manger – Manger Burger