4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Minnesota is known for the Juicy Lucy.  Are there any other states known for a specific style of burger?  The answer is Yes!

Have you heard of the Oklahoma-Style Onion Burger?  I hadn’t either, but it is a thing, and it was created back in the early 1920’s, just outside of Oklahoma City in the town of El Reno.  Tucker’s Onion Burgers has perfected it.  They way it’s cooked is the unique thing about it.

Tucker’s uses Premium Black Angus Beef from Creekstone Farms.  Balls of beef are hand-formed daily.  This ball of beef is placed on the grill, then topped with a big stack of thinly shredded onions.  Then that is smashed until flat on the grill.  Once the patty gets a nice char off the hot grill, it’s flipped over to the onion side.  The onions and all of that onion flavor cook right into the beef.  Tucker’s seasons the beef three times during the cooking process.  I like!  American cheese tops each of the patties.  Some of the original places that serve onion burgers will place the bottom bun on top of the beef patty as it cooks to get a little steamed bun effect.  The top bun leans on the bottom bun.  Tucker’s toasts their buns on the grill separately.  They also add any extras from the bottom up.  I added a few pickles to mine.

That is the Oklahoma-Style Onion Burger, and it’s fantastic!  It was juicy, flavorful and seasoned beautifully.  The cheese was totally melted.  The bun was toasted nicely.  The onions were perfectly cooked and there are a lot of them.  You can get yours without onions, but would it still be that famous onion burger?  I loved it so much, I had one at their restaurant and then again at the airport before I left.  This burger is a must if you visit Oklahoma!  Thanks, Matt, for sitting down with us and telling us all about this famous burger.  There is one place in Minnesota you can get this style of burger.  Chef Eli Renn has it on the happy hour menu at Wayzata Bar & Grill, and it’s a Top 10 Burger!

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