4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Twin Cities Burger Night, #TCBN, has taken us to a lot of different places over the last 16 months, but tonight’s visit with @shawnsrodgers & @phatphood to a bowling alley, was a first for us.  But, this place is a lot more than your typical bowling alley.

I’ve been to half of the Town Hall family of Brewery/Bar/Restaurants.  One of my first reviews was at Town Hall Tap, and I’ve also reviewed Town Hall Station.  I’ve had a couple of good burgers at both places.  They started with @townhallbrewery, then @townhalltap, then @msptownhalllanes, and finally @townhallstation, which is almost two years old.  Why not hit them all!  You’ll find something different at each one.  Bring your bowling ball to this one and have some fun.  There is a good separation between the lanes and the bar/restaurant, so don’t worry about noise or being distracted, you can still move easily between the two rooms.  They feature their own Town Hall Brewery beers.  Try a couple or try a flight.

The beef on the Heidelburger is a half pound blend of chuck, brisket and short rib.  It was juicy, had a great char, was seasoned pretty well and I did get some pink.  Cheddar cheese is slapped on the patty and was melted very well.  I liked the grilled onions a lot.  They had a nice rough chop and had that thicker, soft, fleshy feel to them.  A couple of thick strips of their flavor packed pecanwood bacon cover everything.  I knew what I was getting in the @dennys5thavebakery bun.  Soft, lightly toasted and fantastic!

They’ve got some great house-made flatbreads you need to try as well.

Thank you to our fantastic server, Taco!  He will take care of everything you need.  Also thanks to Mehtab for spending some time with us.  We had a fun time!  Thank you, @lizzy_mpls for stopping in and saying hi!

Crispy Fries – Very good!

Flatbreads – Fantastic!