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It’s National Cheeseburger Day if you haven’t noticed already.  I’ve seen a bunch of favorite Cheeseburger lists, stories and a ton of restaurants posting their incredible Cheeseburgers.  I thought it would be appropriate to tell you who is on my Top 5 Cheeseburger list.

As a Burger Blogger, sometimes you just have to pick 5 out of the Elite Cheeseburger pool.  Here goes in top to bottom, left to right order:

Martina – Double Cheeseburger

Revival – Revival Burger

Parlour – Parlour Burger

Saint Dinette – Cheeseburger

Park Tavern – Butcher Burger

These are my current Top 5 favorite Cheeseburgers.  Your list may be totally different, but still awesome.  If you would like to give your favorites some love, feel free.  I’m guessing I love them too.

I absolutely LOVE these Cheeseburgers!