4.0 out of 5.0 stars

This is another one of the places I’ve had on my list for quite some time.  I noticed they were doing Burgers of the Week (BOW) at first, and that always catches my eye seeing the creative burgers places come up with.  It’s another Twin Cities Burger Night, #TCBN with @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers and we are at a place called Tiny Diner.  Their menu focuses on local foods, organic foods and the foods they grow themselves.

Unlike the name, this place is not Tiny.  You can sit in the main area or by the kitchen or back by the bar.  When it warms up, they’ve got a great patio area you’ll definitely want to check out.  They’ve also got a Big time breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.

My 1/3 pound grass-fed beef burger with beef from Organic Prairie Farms was cooked exactly the way I like it, was seasoned well and juicy.  The dijon type mustard aioli gives it a tasty little bite and is dripping off the burger.  The thinly sliced pickles were fantastic.  You can add cheese, American was my choice, and I also added a couple slices of bacon.  Shredded lettuce and a very red tomato are under the patty as well.  The Franklin Street Bakery bun was soft, lightly toasted and great as usual.  It’s a really good burger!

Thank you, Zach for spending much of the night telling us about Tiny Diner and some of the good things going on and coming up.  Thank you to our server, Tracy for giving us everything we needed, and to Chef Edid for sending out some great food.

Check out all of our posts and stories for a lot more interesting facts about Tiny Diner.

French Fries – Good.  The mustard and garlic aiolis are very good.

Ellsworth Cheese Curds – Very good!

Carrot Cake – Outstanding!  Try the maple cream with it.