4.5 out of 5.0 stars

My mission is to tell you about as many good burgers in the Twin Cities metro area as I possibly can.  That’s the good.  The bad is that I don’t get back to revisit most places very often.  A new burger added to a menu can certainly bring me back for a revisit, but this revisit reason doesn’t happen very often.

The cornerstones of a burger for most people are, meat, cheese & bun.  If you nail those 3, you’ve got a pretty good burger, but if not, we are left wondering what might have been.  I liked the Thr3 Jack Burger a lot the first time I had it, but felt something was holding it back.  It was the wheat bun.  I will say, it was the best wheat bun I’ve ever had, but it kind of dominated the overall burger with its wheat taste and denser feel.  I’m very excited to say that @thr3jack listened to everyone’s feedback and made a bun change.  It’s of the brioche type and it’s fantastic.  It’s soft and perfectly toasted.  It has that crisp ring around the perimeter that I love.  Yes, a bun CAN make or break a burger.

Let’s get to the rest of this beauty.  Two, just over 3oz., high-fat (we all know fat means flavor), chuck beef patties, are smashed, juicy and are seasoned pretty well.  The cheese got my attention right away.  It’s a house specialty blend of American and havarti cheeses with spices mixed in.  It’s melted beautifully and is delicious.  They put the cheese in between the patties, but still get enough in there, that it oozes out.  I liked their house made pickles a lot and you get quite a few of them.  They also use a sweet Dijon that is very good, but not overpowering.  Chef Robert Wohlfiel has created a fantastic burger and it needs to be, to compete with a couple other places in the North Loop area.

Thr3 Jack is a cool sports bar/restaurant with a nice patio and 6 golf simulators your groups can enjoy.