5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I promised earlier this year to do my best to find some great burgers up in the Twin Cities, North Metro area, which I pretty much have to book a flight to get there from the South Metro, where I reside.  I’ll tell you what, if there are more burgers like the one I just had, I’ll be racking up some frequent flyer miles real fast!

A locally owned and managed kitchen, they share the building space with Invictus Brewing Co., and there is a lot of space.  The parking lot was full on a Tuesday night, but there were many tables available.  Two days later and I’m still thinking about this burger and when the heck I can get back to enjoy it!

The two beef patties from Revier Cattle Company out of Olivia, MN, have a beautiful, salty char on them.  They are cooked to a medium well temp, but are juicy and flavorful.  Creamy, buttery Brie cheese is a good choice here.  What will grab you with your first bite or two, is the sweet and savory bacon onion jam on top.  It is dominant and it is absolutely fantastic!  Some may think it adds too much sweetness, but not me!

Below the patties are some chives and a very good charred jalapeño aioli.  You also get a few pickles on the side.  The buttered and lightly toasted bun from Main Street Bakery, gives you a satisfying, soft feel.  It’s fantastic!  I cannot wait to get back to The Tipsy Steer and try another burger.  I loved this burger!

Bacon Lollipops – Incredible!  Think Big Fat Bacon from the State Fair, but better!

Armadillo Eggs – Very good!

Natural-cut Fries – Good.

They just got on Instagram, so keep an eye out for some great posts and stories!