4.5 out of 5.0 stars

The small town of Excelsior has a bunch of restaurant options.  I suggest stopping at this one for your burger fix.

The Suburban – Excelsior / Classic

A casual sports bar serving burgers, pizza and beer.  Just so you know, I came for the burger.   If you leave the restaurant not knowing where they get their beef, you have not looked at the menu.

Their beef is Peterson Limousin Beef from Peterson Crafts Meats, which is sourced locally out of Osceola, WI.  The beef from this grass fed breed of cattle is known to be leaner and more flavorful than the more plentiful Angus beef.  I would agree!

This beef was juicy, flavorful and had a nice char on it.  I chose American cheese to cover my patty and added honey cured bacon.  Both great choices in my opinion.  A slice of raw onion was added on top of the patty, chopped iceberg lettuce and little chunks of pickles go on the bottom.  I liked the little pickle chunks.

They slather some “burb” sauce on the top bun, which is fantastic!  I’m happy I got some on the side as well for my fries.  The bun is a good, soft, toasted brioche type bun.

I highly recommend taking the short trek out to The Suburban in Excelsior for a really good burger!  Keep an eye out for their many different burger specials as well!

French Fries – Very good!

Cheese Curds – Very good!

Burb sauce – Very good!