4.0 out of 5.0 stars

You know the saying.  You get what you pay for?  Well, that’s not always the case.  At The Patty Wagon, I paid a lot less and got a lot more!

With all of the really good burgers in this town, we don’t think twice about paying $15 for a burger, and I’m certainly one of them. Their website says, “Best Burgers in South Minneapolis under $10”.  I’m going to agree with that and also say that if I had paid more, that would have been just fine.  This was a very good burger!

Let’s get to the burger.  All of their burgers are 1/3 pound charbroiled beef patties.  If you are hungry and can handle it, double it up like I did for $2.  The patties were cooked exactly how I wanted them, seasoned well, had a good char and best of all, were very juicy!

This burger normally comes with Swiss cheese, but I wanted American.  You can sub any cheese you like.  It was melted well and was on each patty.  The next item I want to mention is their tasty Thousand Island sauce.  All too often places don’t give you enough sauce and you are left wanting more.  If you are going to put sauce on my burger, then give me some dang sauce!  I even ordered an extra side of the sauce just in case.  I didn’t need it.  They slathered a bunch of it on both buns, mostly on the bottom bun.

To finish off the toppings, or in this case the bottomings, since they were on the bottom of the patties, were a slice of red onion, a perfect amount of shredded lettuce, a few pickles and a couple slices of tomatoes.  What I liked about this is that the toppings sat in the Thousand Island sauce and soaked up some of that flavor.  I do need to say with the juices from the beef patties and the sauce and tomatoes, the bottom bun did understandably get a little soggy.  No problem for me.  This double pattied burger became a total mess for me, but I loved every bite of it!

Their bun was very good.  Soft and lightly toasted.  It capped off a really good burger!  From my experience, The Patty Wagon will satisfy the budget seekers and more importantly, those of us looking for very good burger!  They have a great selection of different burgers and stuffed burgers.  Find some pocket change and head out to The Patty Wagon.

French fries – Very good!

Cheese curds – Very good!