4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Located across the street from Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, I can’t believe I’ve never stepped foot inside this place before today.  There are a bunch of Irish Pubs in this area, but I’m not sure how many of them have a good burger.  This one certainly does!

I kept seeing this burger special on Instagram every week, and if you put something out there enough, someone is going to bite.  I bit.  I want to bite again!

The Pub Club Burger is just a fantastic Double Cheeseburger.  Two thin patties with a great char, very flavorful and very juicy.  Tons of cheese, melted beautifully on both patties.  Special sauce on the bottom bun and a bunch of long slices of pickles busting out beneath the top bun.  The bun is soft, lightly toasted and very good.

This is exactly what I look for in a thin pattied double cheeseburger.  I loved it and immediately wanted another one.  This burger is a little on the smaller side, so do not plan on sharing.  Everyone should get their own.

The Pub Club Burger is available all day Sunday and all day Monday and only to Pub Club Members.  Don’t worry, it will take you all of a few minutes to join.  Once you do, you will get a free appetizer.  I used mine to get the delicious poutine.  I will definitely be back to try one of their other burgers.

This is yet another great option before a Wild game or a concert at the X.

Pub Fries – Thick and very good.  Get the red pepper sauce to dip the fries in.  It’s delicious!

Poutine – Excellent!