4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I always love going back to The Kenwood.  I get to drive through a cool neighborhood, taking a bunch of short left turns and right turns to get there towards the end.  Then I finally see it and I’m like, “It’s burger time!”. They call it fine, casual dining.  They’ve also got a pretty fine signature burger on their menu.

I loved it when I heard we were having a Twin Cities Burger Night at The Kenwood.  It’s one of my favorite places.  I’ve got @shawnsrodgers, @phatphood and our special guest, @llama_robber joining me tonight.  The Kenwood Burger has so many things to please you.  The beef was cooked spot on and had good flavor.  They use a delicious, sweet, nutty Gruyere cheese.  If you are going to give me an egg, give me one to satisfy my runny yolk desire.  They do just that.  They spread some tomato aioli on the top bun and then a slice of Bibb lettuce covers that.  On the bottom bun, they give us a couple thick slices of their delicious pork belly and top that with the beef patty.  I had to take some of that pork belly for myself and spread the rest of it around to cover what I took.  The bun is a nice brioche bun from Rustica Bakery.  It’s soft, buttery, lightly toasted and can hold all of those delicious components.

I really like this burger!  It’s a must try.

Thanks to our server, Chris, for taking great care of us, and to Sous Chef DJ, for spending a few minutes with us, going over some of the menu items.  Stop in and try some of Chef Don Saunders creations.

French fries – Delicious!  Make sure you get the sambal aioli for dipping.  It’s money!