4.5 out of 5.0 stars

“Howe” do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  Let’s see, great drinks, great apps and great burgers.  That’s as far as I need to count. 

The weekly Twin Cities Burger Night regulars of @shawnsrodgers , @phatphood and myself are hanging out in South Minneapolis with our night’s special guest, @miniappleats.  You may not know Howe they kick out all of this delicious food, just that they do.  OK, enough of my trying to be witty, let’s get to the good stuff.

The Howe neighborhood is located within the larger Longfellow community in S. Minneapolis.  There is also a Longfellow neighborhood that it borders, thus the name of this burger.  The two 1/4 prairie creek beef patties are very juicy and they are seasoned very well.  The beef has really good flavor.  I love when I can say that.  They will cook it pink or no pink.  Pink please.  Nailed it!  This specific burger has cheddar cheese on one patty and provolone on the other patty.  Their bacon is cooked just the way I like it.  Not too crispy, tasted great.  I loved the tangy sliced pickles as well.  Below the patties you’ve got a thin slice of tomato and a little shredded lettuce.  Not too much tomato and not too much lettuce.  Poured over the top is their very good 1000 island sauce.  Get a side of it in case you want to load it up.  We are very familiar with their bun choice.  It is from @dennys5thavebakery .  They provide some of the best burgers buns in the Twin Cities.  Soft, lightly toasted and a great choice to complete any burger.  @howempls has a nice selection of burgers.  I’ve had the Double Royal and it is fantastic as well.

This is a great neighborhood restaurant.  They also have a dog friendly patio and a rather large dog menu.  This place is worth a stop.

A big thank you to Whitney A. for being such a great server.  The A must stand for awesome!  It was just a great experience for us.

Fries – Very good!

Twisted Nachos – Fantastic! A must!

Onion Rings – Fantastic!

Broasted Chicken – Very good!

Chips & Dip Party – Very good!