3.5 out of 5.0 stars

There are some good things about this burger and some not so good.  First off, the bun is too big for the patty.  That’s an annoyance for me.  The beef itself has a good flavor, it was juicy and they cooked it to my medium preference.  The Widmer aged cheddar cheese was melted well and had a decent flavor.  The burger is topped with Surly Bender braised short ribs, which by themselves are good, but didn’t really work for me on my burger.  It came with a garlic aioli, which had good flavor.  I slathered the aioli on my huge toasted bun.  The bun was fine except for the size.  They offer a Bison/Elk burger, a Duck burger and the Angus cheeseburger.  I wish they offered a few more beef burger options.

What I will come back for are the Ham Hock Tater Tots.  They are delicious!

French Fries – Good.

Ham Hock Tater tots – Delicious!