4.0 out of 5.0 stars

On a couple of my recent posts, pizza has been connected to my Burger in some way.  The Burger place tonight has a pizza connection as well.

You may have known this place as Delicata Pizza, but owner, Mattie O’Reilly, closed the pizza joint and opened it up as a Burger spot.  I think they are riding the Burger wave.  They’ve got a long list of different burgers on the menu to satisfy your different tastes.

Being in the Como area of St. Paul, I went with what is their signature burger, the Como Colossus.  The double patties are a blend of brisket and chuck.  There is a thick, well seasoned char on them, which I really liked.  They normally cook the patties through, but you can ask for pink.  My patties were no pink, and I would have liked it them a little more pink.  Their cheese choice is cheddar.  It’s a very thin slice on each patty.  I would like a little more cheese as well.  There are a couple of thin sliced tomatoes on top, then what they call whizbang sauce is poured on.  That sauce is very good.  I got some on the side for my fries, or pour some more on top of the patties if you like.

We are not done yet.  Below the patties is some pretty tasty bacon jam.  It’s a dryer bacon jam, but is good.  The bun from Grandmas Bakery is squishy and fantastic!  I think you should check out The Foxtrot Burger spot.  They will definitely have something you’ll like.

I want to thank @burgeraweek @mrsinminneapolis & @aj_eats_mn for joining me.  Also, thank you, Becky for having us out and our server, Jay for taking care of everything!

French Fries – Very good!

Batter Dipped Cheddar Curds – Good.

Crispy Brussels – Good.