3.5 out of 5.0 stars

It seems like I’m going back to a lot of places that I frequented or visited when I was a kid growing up.  I guess a lot of us love the nostalgic part of it.  It brings back good memories and we all can use a little bit of that.  I never actually visited this place, but I vividly remember crossing the single lane Rapidan Dam right next to it and staring in amazement at the force of the water coming out of it.

If you want to take a little drive from the Twin Cities, the over 100 year old Rapidan Dam near Mankato is pretty cool and will take you back in time a little bit.  Right next to the Dam is The Dam Store, which has been around just as long.  It’s a sweet little store/diner you should visit.

They are known for their Dam Burgers and their Dam Pies.  I ordered the Dam Burger, which is a half pounder, I added American cheese, bacon and grilled onions and you get a few dill pickle slices on the side.  It was a pretty Dam good burger, but even Dam better sitting in this little diner, listening to the rushing water and just taking it easy.  They bring your pie when you are done with your burger.  It was one of the best Dam pieces of Banana Cream Pie I’ve had in quite some time.  We also may have gotten a slice of Strawberry Cream Pie for the road, which lasted a minute in the car.

If the store is full, you can take your food across the road to a park area perfect for a little relaxation.  I recommend making the short trip down towards Mankato to The Dam Store.  Have a Dam Burger, and a couple pieces of Dam Pie.  I think you’ll enjoy your trip!

French Fries – OK

Dam Pies – Fantastic!