5.0 out of 5.0 stars

When was the last time you were a member of a club?  Was it an exclusive club?  Was it hard to get in?  Did you feel special to be in that club?  I found a club that’s easy to get into and will make you feel, Oh, so good, to be a member!

I’m revisiting a few places that I had ordered curbside previously and have really wanted The Bungalow Club’s burger inside the restaurant.  The TBC Burger was delicious 6 months ago in my car, but as expected, even better right off the grill and into my mouth.

Back to The Club.  Once you walk through their doors, you become part of The Bungalow Club and every experience they have to offer.  What they offer are menu items like Tortellini, Braised Chicken, Fried Sweet Corn & Tomato Toast.  They do have a Burger and another Club for you to be part of.  It’s every Wednesday, and it’s called The Burger Club.  That’s the only day you can get a burger, but you can get four different types of burgers, beef, pork, fish & veggie.  My first question was “where’s the beef?”.

They showed me the beef alright.  Two beautiful, 1/4 pound, brisket, chuck & shortrib blended patties, with a little extra fat mixed in, smashed to get a good char.  Nice and juicy and seasoned well.  American cheese on each patty.  Delicious caramelized onions top the cheese.  @dukes_mayonnaise is spread on the bottom bun, thin sliced pickles and just the right amount of shredded lettuce under the patties as well.  The potato bun is lightly toasted and very good.

This is a fantastic burger!  You are going to want to be a member of The Burger Club.  What are YOU doing Wednesday?

It was great to see @bothrops1, whom you might just see sitting at the bar on Wednesdays.  Thanks for joining me, @burgeraweek.  Thank you, Chef Andrew Kraft for sending out some killer dishes!