4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I talk a lot about what having a good burger on your menu can mean to a restaurant.  The Bungalow Club opened up in 2018 with fresh pasta headlining the menu.  The question that should have been asked by us burger lovers, was a burger in the cards?  If their recent Night dedicated to burgers takes off, they Will have a “full house”!

I remember when The Bungalo Club first opened.  I asked if they had a burger on the menu.  I was told they had a patty melt.  That sparked a conversation on Instagram if a patty melt was considered a burger or not.  It is and I admit that I don’t order as many as I should.  They have had a burger on their menu at different times, but recently they’ve expanded that.

They call it The Burger Club.  They have it every Wednesday night.  You can choose from four different types of “burgers”, and I mean different.  You can choose from beef, pork, fish or veggie.  I do want to try the pork burger, but, yes, I went for the beef.  You can choose a single or a double patty.  Not a tough choice.  If you look at the beef description, it’s called Skeen’s NYC Blend.  What is that?  According to Chef Andrew Kraft, it’s basically, the grind that he used when he was working for Chef Ryan Skeen, during Chef Kraft’s time in New York.

It’s a blend of chuck, brisket & short rib with some extra fat blended in for maximum flavor and juiciness.  It is a smashburger.  The 1/4 pound patties have a nice char from the smash.  Juicy enough for a thin patties.  American cheese is nicely melted and seeps into all the cracks in the patties.  Caramelized onions are pressed into the patties during the initial smash.  You may not see them, but they are there.  I would like a few more.  Mayo is spread on the bottom bun, a few very tasty b & b pickles bathe in that mayo and a handful of shredded lettuce tops that.  The potato bun is fantastic!  It’s soft, toasted nicely and the bottom bun definitely holds up.  It’s a damn good burger!

You now have plans for Wednesday night!  Spend it at The Burger Club, oh, I mean The Bungalow Club.

Jojo’s are a must.  Get two orders!