4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Scenario:  You open a new restaurant.  You create a signature burger.  That burger gets some buzz and becomes very popular.  What’s next?  You add more burgers to satisfy your patrons wishes.  Then you start a Half Price Burger Night, which puts the cherry on top.  Brilliant!

When I tell you D’Amico & Partners are running the show, now the buzz makes sense.  Pretty good track record from these brothers.  Larry D’Amico and Chef Josh Brown created this great menu.  I was invited to kick off The Brooklyn’s first Burger Night.  Every Monday from 5:00 – 9:00pm, all burgers are 1/2 price.  Tell me that’s not a big deal.  I’m focused on that signature burger I mentioned above, The Brooklyn Masterwork Burger.  You can go single patty or my desired, double patty.  It’s a brisket, chuck blend from Revier Cattle Company.  The 1/2 pound patties are normally cooked to a medium well temp, but you certainly can ask for your desired temp.  They nailed my pink request!  The beef was juicy, seasoned to my liking and certainly is a great anchor for this fantastic burger!

American cheese?  Of course!  Melt it just a little bit more.  Underneath the patties are a couple of sliced tomatoes, cooked confit style.  The tomatoes, roasted in olive oil and a few different spices adds another flavor to the mix.  There are a few delicious, vinegar flavored pickles on the side.  I just popped them in my mouth.  So, if you look at my picture, you see lettuce.  I’m not going to say a lot of lettuce, but a generous amount.  It’s not too much at all.  The shredded Romain lettuce is mixed with their fantastic masterwork sauce.  You could say it’s related to 1000 island, but it’s so much more, including some Uncle Pete’s Mustard.  The lettuce/sauce mix will hit you right away and it’s a great flavor to start with.  The soft, lightly toasted potato bun is fantastic!  This Burger needs to get on your list!  You will enjoy it!

They’ve recently added 3 more burgers to the menu and they are all worth trying.  The Mushroom Swiss Burger, the Bacon Cheddar Burger & the Cowboy Burger should satisfy your needs.  You can get these for lunch or dinner.

 Thank you, Chef Villavaso, for kicking out those great burgers and everything in between.  Thank you Natalie Howell for coordinating everything and spending time with us.  You rock!  Thank you, Katherine Roepke for checking in and being so kind.  Also, Christie Altendorf for the good chat.

I’m not saying I rock or anything, but this is another great Burger option up in the North Metro!

French Fries – Fantastic!
Dry Rub Chicken Wings – Delicious!
Tuna Poke – Very good!
Nachos with Pork Carnitas – Very good!
Key Lime Blackberry Pie – Fantastic!