4.0 out of 5.0 stars

There is a new restaurant opening today that should satisfy your burger craving, and if you’d like to bring your furry friend with you, you can, all year round.

Adding to their restaurant family, Craft & Crew Hospitality just wants to be your neighborhood pub.  They are known for their dog-friendly patios and this one will be open all year round!  Dogs also will be provided a three-course menu to chow down on.

Now, to the human menu, a lot of great apps, entrees and desserts, including 6 different burgers and a build your own burger option.  I exercised my option on the Royale With Cheese.  The beef includes two patties, which is a blend of short rib, chuck & brisket.  You have the option of pink or no pink.  Pink was desired, pink was delivered.  The beef was juicy and seasoned pretty well.  Plenty of American cheese nicely melted.  There are a few house pickles on top of the patty that they slice a little differently.  They are thicker and a little longer than a normal sliced pickle.  They are good.  Below the patties are a few sliced red onions bathing in a pool of tasty mayo.  The bun was toasted nicely, but was a little on the firm side.  This is a burger I would certainly get again, although I want to try a couple more off their menu.

I had a great time trying some different menu items, like some very good broasted wings.  The cajun dry rub wings are crispy and fantastic!  They have Baked Mac and Cheese that you can add brisket or pork to, and a tasty brisket grilled cheese.  For dessert, they have a few cheesecake options from @muddypawscheesecake that are fantastic!  I loved how everyone who attended got to order different items off the menu.  There should be some good posts and stories from a few foodies.  It’s worth a stop!  Our bartender, Luke rocks!

Fries – Very good.  Get some chipotle aioli to dip them in, it’s money!