4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Being a Rosemount resident, I get asked a lot about the best burgers in the South Metro. Besides an amazing burger from a restaurant that transports you to an island in the South Pacific, fantastic burgers are in short supply. That is slowly changing, and proof of that resides in downtown Lakeville.

There are currently three burgers on their menu. I started out with The Classic Smash. The others will surely follow.

I’m starting out with the onions. They are diced and they are sautéed. Something a little different. I love it. Chef Barry says they have been tweaking the grind and the fat content for a while to get the beef exactly where they want it. Hometown meats is the local butcher who provides the beef. The patties are 1/4 pound each, smashed beautifully in clarified butter, with a great char, seasoned well and juicy. The fancy sauce has a nice flavor and they give you plenty. 👍 Get an extra side for your fries. The menu says this burger has house pickles, mine had none. Oops. I’m hoping my pickle misfortune will not happen to any other pickle lovers. The bun is a brioche bun and it’s soft and perfectly toasted. It holds up very well. I noticed a little crisp on the bottom of the bun, which is from the baking process.

Rise up, South Metro. The great burgers are arriving.

Smoked Wings – Lemon Pepper and Basil – Delicious!