3.5 out of 5.0 stars

It was so nice to be out on a patio, having great food and drinks with fellow #TCBNer’s, @phatphood & @shawnsrodgers.  The one and only @baconfatte joined us for the fun.  Owner and Executive Chef, Junior, has a very cool place in Stray Dog.  There are a lot of great changes and development going on in this Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood.  You can choose from a bunch of different burgers on the menu.  This time I thought I’d try a pretty unique one.

Smoked pork belly is added to the ground beef, adding a little flavor.  The beef was seasoned well.  Two slices of tomato are placed on top of the patty, then a leaf of romaine lettuce with some very good roasted garlic aioli swiped on top of that.  Next time I’ll add one of the 10+ cheeses you can choose from.  Yes, I like my cheese.

The bun is very special.  As you can guess, this is a pretzel bun, and it’s from Denny’s 5th Ave. Bakery.  It’s a very good pretzel bun on its own, but then delicious, white cheddar is stuffed inside the bun. Don’t ask me how, but it’s absolutely fantastic!  Yes, the bun can certainly elevate the burger.  I definitely want to try the burgers the rest of the crew tried, so make sure you check them out.

Thank you, Junior, and our server, Joann, for the great personal touch service!  I’ll be back for sure!

Just a reminder to keep an eye out for our #TCBN weekly flyer.  There could be some great discounts on burgers that you can take advantage of if you come out that same night as we are there.  Just ask @jillyinmn.

Stray Dog Pretzel with Yuengling and mustard cheese sauce – 5 star!

Cheese Curds – Fantastic!

Ahi Tacos with fried wonton shells – Delicious with the perfect crunch!