5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Top 10 revisit!  If I want people to follow my Twin Cities Burger Blog and earn credibility, one thing I need to do is keep revisiting my favorite burgers around the Twin Cities.  New burgers are coming out all of the time that surely belong in the Top 10, but there are only 10 spots available, so I need to reaffirm the status of these burgers that have been in my Top 10 for a long time.  There can be no resting on your laurels in the Burger business.

Chef Max, knows how to make a great burger.  Nothing has changed with this masterpiece.  One highlight to this burger is their signature American cheese.  I’ve said it in previous reviews that it has a melted velveeta type consistency to it.  It’s melted beautifully and it’s delicious.  The chuck and brisket patties with a little beef fat added, from Peterson Craft Meats, are juicy, nicely charred and seasoned well.  You want some onions?  I know I do.  How about some maple-caramelized onions?  They have a great flavor.  I’d love some aioli.  They have a tasty, well balanced mustard aioli that’s swiped on the bottom bun with a few sliced pickles.  The bun, a PJ Murphys Bakery buttered brioche bun, is toasted perfectly.  A great bun!


You can get this in a single patty as well as the double.  I say double it up. 😉 This delicious Double Cheeseburger is staying in my Top 10!

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