4.0 out of 5.0 stars

StepChld has continued to be one of the most talked about restaurants since it opened back in February.  Great food (Cooper Burger😉) and great service are a tribute to their success.

They’ve offered weekend brunch before, but now they are kicking off “Lunch-Brekkie”. Lunch with some breakfast items is how they describe it.  It will be available Thursday thru Sunday from 11:00-2:00pm. (Check the website, Lunch-Brekkie has been delayed slightly).

@kminneapple was excited to have us try a couple of these new items being offered for Lunch-Brekkie.  I was happy to see their fantastic Cooper Burger on this menu as well as a new one created and only offered on this new menu.

A single 1/4 beef patty from Peterson Craft Meats, juicy and seasoned nicely.  American cheese on top.  It’s not Cooper’s cheese, but still American.  An over medium egg makes an appearance, with some tangy, but not overpowering pickled cabbage, not pickled onions.  They chose a brioche pretzel bun and toasted it beautifully.  If you are a pretzel bun fan, it’s a pretty good one.  Not pillowy soft, but a good one.  They finish it up with a nice slathering of super flavorful gochujang aioli.

This is a very good burger.  Is there enough beef?  Maybe not quite, but with the egg and the pickled cabbage, it’s going to fill you up and you will enjoy it.

There is a fantastic breakfast sandwich you are going to hear about.  Stay tuned!