5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The most talked about burger right now has to be The Cooper Burger at StepChld. I must admit that expectations were pretty high. After thoroughly enjoying every bite of this beauty, I’ve concluded that the Burger from “StepChld” definitely belongs at the “Adult” table!

I brought in a couple of burger heavyweights, @shawnsrodgers & @burgeraweek, to assist me on this one. It was a unanimous “damn that’s good” all around the table. We had a chance to chat with @kminneapple a good part of the night and get some good information about the restaurant. It was very interesting to hear about how they understand the food scene here and the importance that Burgers have in this area. They have made it a priority to do everything they can to have a great burger on their menu. That’s easier said than done, but I think their hard work has paid off.

Two 1/4 pound patties from @petersoncraftmeats with some serious char, juicy and seasoned nicely. I’ve said it before, my concern with the smashed style patties is that if the patties are smashed too thin, all you get is the charred crust and not enough juicy beef in between that char. I think 1/4 pound patty is the line you shouldn’t go under. You know they want to differentiate their burger from others by the type of cheese and where they have to go to get it. They chose Cooper’s Sharp White American Cheese, a very popular cheese in the Northeast part of the country. It’s creamy, flavorful and on the meltability scale, it’s off the charts! This cheese melts so well, it infuses itself into the beef.

They dice their onions and fry them up. I love the onions. Is there any aioli or mayo? Yep. Chipotle mayo, and it’s delicious! No shortage of it either as it’s coming at you from the top and the bottom buns. They keep the pickles simple. A few sliced dill pickles top it off. The @rushcitybakery potato bun is elite. Soft and lightly toasted. It feels really good in your hands. If someone asked me to create a burger for their menu, this would be it. It’s a fantastic burger!