4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Anyone ready for another Smashburger?  I’ve been waiting for Steele & Hops to add one, and with their new menu out last week, Chef Kyle Moncada did.  I think you’ll like it.

Not your classic smash, is what I’ll tell you.  I’ll also say, why not!

I’m a sucker for bacon jam, and I got sucker punched by the sweet caramelized bacon jam.  It’s savory & sweet & wonderful.  It shines like a beacon.

The two patties are 3oz. of their hand crafted, loose formed, ground chuck with butter added in.  Seasoned and juicy enough for me.  I loved the loose, tender feel the beef had.  The provolone cheese was melted nicely.  The garlic aioli partners well with the bacon jam.  A little shredded lettuce sits below everything on the perfectly toasted @dennysbakery brioche bun.  You get that crunch ring around the outside of the bun.  The beef to bun ratio just makes it into my comfort zone.  I could easily tackle a triple patty.  AND, the patties are not smashed to twice the size of the bun like a few other places I’ve been to.  You can smash them a little outside the bun, of course, but I want cheese to cover all of it and I want my first bite to get a little bun with it as well.  This Smashburger touches all the bases!

I love the cheese curds too!