5.0 out of 5.0 stars

A local magazine, @mspmag is telling us what hospitality insiders eat in their off time.  This includes chefs, bartenders, line cooks and apparently, “foodies?”. My voicemail must have been full when they called, so I’m just going to tell you where I have been eating ALL summer long in my off and on time.

I wrote a review back in May on two of @station_no6_foodtruck’s burgers.  Ever since that post, it’s been bugging me that my rating was too low.  Well, after spending my whole summer in front of this Food Truck, I’m at peace that I was wrong and this review will make amends.

Pepperjack Smash – 5oz. of 73/37 high fat ground chuck, smashed on the flattop, given a perfect char, seasoned beautifully with their house seasoning and juicy, due to that high fat beef grind.  Two slices of Pepperjack cheese give it a little kick.  Thick sliced onions, griddled in butter are fantastic.  Delicious sweet & spicy aioli satisfies your tastebuds.  The @dennysbakery mayo griddled, brioche bun is perfect.  I’ve had the single and the double patties.  Both work depending on your hunger level and what else you want to order, which is everything.

Spicy Boi Smash – this is basically the Pepperjack Smash’s big brother.  Same great burger with griddled jalapeños added and if available, Thai chilies.  It’s got heat for my fellow heat lover friends.

There are a couple of secret menu hacks you should know.  You can add their amazing smoked pork belly to any burger.  Do it!  Also, you can ask for a cheese skirt on your burger.  They will put some cheese on the flattop until it’s crispy and gooey and then it’s thrown on your patty.

Josh Matthews is the brilliance that is Station No. 6.  The burgers and everything else on the menu are fantastic!  Check the Facebook page for the schedule.  The food truck season is winding down.  Find this truck!