4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Summer in Minnesota. We’ve got about 4 months. We try to do as many things outdoors as we possibly can. One of the popular things to do is experience the magic of food trucks. There is just something cool about a truck parked outside, that serves us scratch made food and serves it fast.

The #TCBurgerNight crew of @phatphood, @shawnsrodgers and me, checked out one that many are talking about.

These two burgers are pretty similar, but do have some differences. The Smash Burger might be a little deceiving in that it is not smashed as thin as you might think and they are a little larger than what most places might use. These patties are 5 ounces, which puts them in the, is it big enough as a single, or too big as a double. I went with doubles on both. That’s 10 ounces of beef, which is a lot, but probably the best option, considering the bun is big enough to handle all that beef. It’s a high fat content ground beef grind. The patties were juicy, seasoned well and had a nice char on them. If you love cheese, you are in luck. Two slices of nicely melted American cheese per patty are what you get. That’s a lot of cheese. Both burgers have fantastic thick cut, sautéed onions, perfect griddled. They are bomb!

The Smash Burger has a fantastic garlic aioli swiped on the bottom bun, while The McDowell, which has that Big Mac feel, has a delicious special sauce, a few thicker sliced pickles and some chopped iceberg lettuce under the patties. The @dennysbakery buns are soft and nicely toasted. Both of these burgers are very good. I’d give a very slight nod to the Smash Burger.

I did visit the @station_no6_foodtruck last year and the beef patties were a little over cooked. I wanted to give them another chance and was certainly glad I did. Check out their Facebook account for their schedule.