5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Every once in a while, if you are in the right place at the right time, you might come across something that changes your life.  There’s a burger in Portland, Oregon that just might do that.  It’s more than special, it’s unforgettable!

A successful vacation starts with restaurant research.  If you do your food homework, the chances of the places you select being good, are so much greater than if you just pick places randomly.  I always check out what Kevin Alexander, from Thrillist, has to say about the burgers in the city where I’m going.  He’s well respected and I happen to think he knows what he’s talking about ever since he pretty much nailed the best burgers in the Twin Cities a couple years ago. Not only did Kevin name Nick’s Cheeseburger, “The Best Burger in America”, he called it a National Treasure!  What I’ll call it is life changing.  Please Google “The 11 Best Burgers in Portland, and scroll down to his #1.  Make sure you watch his video as well.  Be ready to book your flight to Portland!

I got to chat with owner, Steve Stanich for a minute and he said he just wanted to keep it simple.  It might be a simple burger, but I’d throw out the word brilliant as well.

There’s no tri-blend of beef here.  Fresh ground chuck that is grilled on the flat top with a nice char and is juicy enough to satisfy.  Of course, American cheese is used here.  Their grilled onions are very special.  They seem like caramelized onions with that delicious, unique flavor, but are not over cooked at all.  Make sure you add the grilled onions.  The simple, toasted sesame seed bun is slathered generously with a mustard/mayo combo mix on the top bun and then mayo & red relish on the bottom bun.  This mustard/mayo/red relish mix immediately grabs your taste buds and does not let go.  Shredded iceberg lettuce and a tomato slice sit on the bottom bun as well.  I listed the items that make up this burger individually, but it’s the teamwork between them all that will totally knock you out.  Normally, I don’t like to have my burger cut in half, but I quickly got over it after I saw what was inside.

You’ll be talking about this burger for the rest of your life!

Fries – Very good!