5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I love seeing posts of people raving about new burgers or burgers they’ve had for the first time, almost as much as I enjoy them myself.  I did say Almost!  Maybe it’s that feeling of surprise or being caught off guard or maybe just something living up to the hype.  I wouldn’t say I was surprised after a few bites of this burger, I believe my words were, Holy Crap this burger is good!

I’ve certainly loved their other burgers, from the Bordeaux Burger to the Cheeseburger, but this one is the best I’ve had here and it has certainly messed up my Top 10!  The two House-ground Wagyu beef patties are thin smashed, have a great char, are nice and juicy and have that ever elusive, salty taste.  Oh yeah!  White American cheese is perfectly melted over the patties.  A few griddled onions are added to the mix.  Thin sliced dill pickles and just the right amount of shredded lettuce cover the bottom bun.  Everything so far is great, but then you add what they call their “Burger Mayo”.  It’s finger lickin’ good and it’s put on the top and the bottom buns.  They definitely “give you some damn sauce.”!  In my book, @bonjour_stg kicks out the best burger buns of any place you can find.  Their pork fat brioche bun is no exception.  It’s toasted beautifully with that crispy ring.  It holds all that burger goodness perfectly.

This burger is flawless!  This burger is amazing!  You deserve this!

I had been waiting for St. Genevieve to offer curbside, then I saw @scottmeinzer rave about this burger and I thought I’d better get there sooner than later.

Frites – Salty and delicious!