4.5 out of 5.0 stars

St. Genevieve has been on my burger hit list for a long time.  I knew I had to try it before the end of the year in order to see where it fit in with my favorite burgers.  In recent months they changed the burger, which concerned me a little bit, but I had heard some good things about the new burger.  Let me just say that this burger is fantastic!

They do take some risks with this burger, but it hit all of the right notes with me.  I have to start with this delicious, flavorful, cooked absolutely perfect beef patty.  It reminded me of filet mignon.  It was a thing of beauty.  The brie cheese was creamy and buttery.  The perfect thing to match with Brie are sautéed mushrooms.  The mushrooms were delicious.  There is also a dark, thick, salty bordelaise sauce that they pour over the beef patty, mushrooms and brie.  The flavors are outstanding!

The top bun is slathered with a garlic aioli.  Their choice of pickles is very unique and I loved it.  They use cornichons, which are basically sharp, vinegary flavored pickles.  I couldn’t help but chomp on a few of them before the pictures.

The bun is a thing of beauty.  You won’t find a better one.  The bun is soft and buttery and toasted ever so beautifully.  It has that lightly toasted crunch around the edge of the bun, which I love.

I mentioned some risks earlier.  I think it was a little risky to use mushrooms, cornichons and to pour the bordelaise over the burger since you only offer one burger.  The bordelaise has a powerful flavor and my bottom bun was a little soggy from the liquid.

If you have concerns about the risky choices, check them at the door and just enjoy the heck out of this burger.  I really loved it!

French fries – Good.