4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Sundays usually equal football in our house, so getting me off the couch is not an easy task.  But when @shawnsrodgers tells you there is a new Brunch Burger at Spoon and Stable and the Vikings are the late game, you get off the couch and head downtown.  A Twin Cities Burger Hour ensued with Shawn, @phatphood and myself.  No issues getting in and seated without a reservation in the bar area.

The first thing you are going to notice when this burger comes out is the bread & butter pickle aioli flowing like lava off the sides of the burger.  There is a lot of it and it is fantastic!  You’ve probably heard me say, “if you are going to give me some sauce, then give me some damn sauce!”. They give you some damn sauce!   The pickles are also fantastic.  Swiss cheese isn’t usually my first choice for a burger.  It has its place on certain types of burgers.  This is one of those burgers.  It’s perfect with the pickles and the aioli and there is a lot of it as well.  There is also a thin slice of red onion.  I liked the in-house made onion bun.  It was toasted nicely and it’s ready to hold up to anything and everything.  That brings us to the beef.  A lot of places offer two thin beef patties, smashed on the flattop, which I love.  This burger has two very thin patties, the crust/char on these was great.  I could taste that they were seasoned very well too.  The juiciness factor could have been a little better.  I thought that the patties were just a little too thin.  Overall, I really liked this burger!  You are going to get some great flavors for your taste buds to absorb.

Hand-Cut Fries – Not on the Brunch Menu.

House-made Chips – Crunchy, salty and very good!

Creamy spinach cheese curds – Fantastic!  The creamiest spinach you will ever have!

Bacon Steak – Incredible!  Two slices of the thickest, most melt in your mouth bacon you might find anywhere.