4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Does anyone really look forward to Mondays?  Weekend is over!  Back to the grind.  Well, I have a suggestion to brighten up your Monday.  Burger Monday at Sonora Grill!

I know, you might be thinking tacos, chips & salsa, etc.. and you would be right.  My job is to get you thinking Burger!  Delicious burger! 

This Double Cheeseburger totally outperformed my expectations.  The beef.  Two thin patties cooked right.  Too many times, thin patties are over cooked.  Not today.  These were juicy with a nice char.  American cheese on the top patty and cheddar cheese on the bottom patty.  Melted beautifully and there is plenty of it.  Grilled onions between the patties certainly worked for me.

A mixture of greens including arugula sits atop the cheese.  Two sliced of juicy tomatoes top the greens.  The secret weapon is their “Arbol aioli”. It is fantastic!  It has just a little spicy heat to it, but just the perfect amount.  Don’t worry about too much heat.  They slather this on the top and bottom buns.  They get it!  That’s what we want.  You will also want to make sure you get a side of this deliciousness for your fries.  Then there’s the bun.  It’s really good.  Soft, buttery and lightly toasted.

You will enjoy this burger experience.  Get the tacos next visit.

Fries – Very good!

Arbol aioli – Fantastic!

The Double Cheeseburger is only available on Mondays and is $10.

Say hi to Jana behind the bar.  She is awesome!