5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Much to our delight, The Sonder Shaker reopened its doors for patrons, back in May. I’ve always loved their food and they have had a couple of very good burgers over the last few years. Not only did @thesondershaker’s front door open, their kitchen door opened and a new culinary team led by Chef Tyler Johnson, @tweez_en_place, walked in. Be excited! Very excited!.

Chef Tyler contacted me a few weeks ago and told me, in his words, “We have a wagyu crush burger I think that could shake a stick at some of the best around town.” Let me respond to that by saying, “speak softly and carry a big stick!” Their Burger stick is big! This is an amazing burger! He calls it a crush burger. I call it a smash burger, that after it’s smashed and put in front of you, you’ll want to crush.

What makes a great burger? For me, it’s great meat, cheese & bun. Simple, right? The American Wagyu Beef from @snakeriverfarms is elite. The 3oz. patties are juicy, seasoned well and have a great char on them. White American cheese is beautifully melted and the brioche bun is soft and toasted nicely. That’s the meat, cheese & bun part. Add a few super tasty, thin sliced house pickles and Chef’s fantastic Animal Sauce, and it’s lights out! His Animal sauce is a tribute to In N Out. It’s SO good! This burger feels great in your hands, it’s soft, it’s delicious and I want another one right now. Definitely one of the top burgers in the Twin Cities.

Thanks for joining me, @burgeraweek & @erinjbgood. Thank you, Chef Tyler for stopping out and chatting for a few minutes and sending some surprises our way. Thank you, Devon, for taking care of us and for all of your recommendations. There are so many great menu items. I’ll have the highlights over on @tcfooddude.