3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Original Diners are very hard to find these days, but more and more places, serving up that Diner feel, are popping up around the Twin Cities.
I was at the original Snuffy’s Malt Shop in St. Paul back in 2017.  The original location closed back in July of this year, but they do still have three locations you can visit.  I’m at their Bloomington restaurant, which is their most recent expansion, and that opened up in March.  It’s retro, but modern retro.  You’ll recognize their signature red and white decor.  What do I think of when I hear someone say Diner?  Burger, Fries and a Malt.  That’s what you’ll get here.
I went with The Big Mike.  Two 1/4 pound angus beef patties, seared on the flat top grill.  American cheese beautifully melted on each patty.  They chop up some raw onions, give you a bunch of sliced pickles and a little tub of 1000 island dressing on the side.  I liked getting everything on the side, allowing me to add as many onions, pickles and dressing as I wanted (all of it, of course)!  I slathered the top bun with the dressing and loaded it up.
This burger is just what you would expect.  A little greasy, a little juicy, a little cheesy.  It had all of the components I wanted and it was a good, flat top, diner burger!
The Big Mike was created in honor of Snuffy’s founder, Mike Mueller.  A portion of this burger’s proceeds will go to the Mike Mueller Fund, which supports local athletes around the Twin Cities Metro Area.
Onion Rings – Thick & Delicious!
Fries – Good.
Malt – Very good!
Chipotle Mayo – Very good!