4.0 out of 5.0 stars

You may know me as a burger guy, but I’m also a beer guy.  I’m a fan of a few New Glarus Brewing beers including Spotted Cow.  The problem is they don’t sell their products in Minnesota.  In order to satisfy my craving for Spotted Cow or any of their other beers, I need to make periodic beer runs across the border to Hudson, Wisconsin.  This can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but negatives can certainly turn into positives, especially when you can find a good burger close to the liquor store.  Fortunately, Hudson has a few liquor stores, my goto being Casanova Liquor, and a few places with really good burgers.  One in particular put a big Smile on my face!

From the Lodge feel down to the red & black checkered flannel shirts the servers are wearing, this place will take you to the North Woods.  What do I want at the lodge?  A Burger and a Beer, thank you.

You’ll notice there is something different about this burger after one bite.  The Mesquite Queso sauce, which is dripping off the burger, is fantastic!  If you’ve got cheese sauce dripping off your burger, you’ve definitely got my attention.  That queso and some really good Dark Ale Ground Mustard, spread on the bun, really give it a noticeably different burger vibe.  A couple strips of bacon and some fantastic grilled onions top the fresh, half pound certified angus beef patty which was cooked perfectly, juicy, charred nicely and seasoned pretty well.  The pickle slices were very good too.  I think the days of the hard pretzel bun might be over.  This premium cross cut pretzel bun was soft, lightly toasted and completes this change of pace burger experience perfectly.  I would get this one again on my next visit.  It is a seasonal special, so stop in before spring to make sure you get one.  Have them pour a Spotted Cow for you and all will be right with the world. 😊

My picture is bad, but this burger is really good!  I just might drink my New Glarus beer haul a little faster this time. 😉

Fries – Good.  Get the Smilin’ Moose Burger Sauce.