4.0 out of 5.0 stars

We visit places all over the metro area for Twin Cities Burger Night, but you might be a little surprised where @phatphood @shawnsrodgers & myself ended up for our weekly #TCBN.

What the heck are we doing at a seafood place?  Let me ask you this.  You love burgers, and you love seafood, right?  So, when you see a Juicy Lucy with lobster on it, what are you going to do?  Run, not walk to Smack Shack.

As you can imagine, the seafood is fantastic, but I’m going to recommend you check out this unique burger creation.  Inside this 1/2 pound beauty are American and taleggio cheeses.  Both of these melt very well and the taleggio thickens up the texture a little bit, giving the inside cheese a perfect melt.  I loved the cheese!  The angus beef was cooked to a nice medium temp.  It had some pink to it.  It also had a good char and was pretty juicy.  One thing I usually do when I have a Juicy Lucy is add a slice of cheese on top, just to give me a little more cheese overall.  I added a slice of white American cheese.  I’d be good with this Juicy Lucy if it ended there, but Smack Shack has other ideas.

They have some sweet tasting caramelized onions that top the beef patty.  They are very good.  I also saw that they use bacons lardons on one of their menu items, so I added some of those to go on top of things as well.  Bacon lardons are just little, fatty bacon strips/chunks.  Some really creamy and tasty tarragon aioli is spread on the top bun.  The final piece, or pieces, to this Lobster Lucy, are two large chunks of sweet lobster claw.  BAM!  You will be tempted to take them off and pop them in your mouth, but take a few bites first, get to the oozing cheese center and enjoy!  After that, all bets are off.  All of this goodness is held together in the perfect @franklinstreetbakery bun.

Chef Dave, @chefdave2180 , sent out a bunch of their fantastic menu items for us to dominate.  Our server, Michaelann, was throwing out her favorites and making perfect recommendations.  Thank you, Josh Thoma, for stopping by our table to say Hi!

Lobster Poutine – Incredible!  The taleggio gravy is the best!  Big chunks of lobster claw.  Ellsworth cheese curds.  Cajun Fries.

Cajun Fries – Very good!

Ahi Tuna Poke – Very good!  A little kick to it.

Smack Wings – Very good!

Elotes Cajun Corn – Very good!

Key Lime Pie – Fantastic!

Mexican Chocolate Brownie – Very good!